Gain control. Cut cost. Go captive.

Experience the Tarwheels Difference — A Captive Insurance Group for Terrific Trucking Companies

I like the ‘Brisk attitude’ of seeking input from members on how to do things better and how to help each other improve. I like the willingness to get involved in looking at our processes to identify what we can do better and how they can help. We are not left to fend for ourselves.
— Joe Wade, Shelba D. Johnson Trucking

BRISK offers an insurance program designed for top performing trucking companies with 60-300 trucks. The Tarwheels Group Captive was created in 2015, allowing members to share in the funding of loss costs as well as best practices to improve safety and performance. Tarwheels provides a lower and more stable cost of risk for qualified trucking companies, while helping members improve risk management. Unlike most captive insurance programs, Tarwheels’ service providers are unbundled from the insurance company and therefore highly accountable for meeting members’ expectations. Our members enjoy superior claims service, cost savings, control and community empowerment.

Very happy with the hands-on handling of claims. Great job staying on top and keeping [Safety Summit] information current.
— Paula Hodges, LJ Rogers Trucking
  • Members receive unparalleled claims service due to our unique unbundled structure, which drives responsiveness and accountability from our claims teams, ultimately saving our members significant loss costs.

  • Members benefit from a low expense structure and lower fixed costs than most options available to the trucking market, allowing companies with superior performing operations to enjoy a significantly lower net cost. 

  •  Members have a voice in every critical decision, including membership growth, key vendor partnerships, insurance program design and exploring other group benefits. 

  • Members share resources, best practices and group buying power to benefit each company and the captive as a whole. 

Tarwheels Management is Distinguished by Insider Experience and Personal Touch

While we have joined Tarwheels only recently, our experience over many years with Bob Bernatchez gives us a high degree of confidence in their product.
— Richard Hepler, Best Logistics Group

When it comes to the transportation insurance industry, BRISK executive leadership has sat on all sides of the table — from the trucking company to the insurance company, agency to underwriter. We use this experience to offer holistic guidance to our members, while empowering each member with a voice in decision-making. Tarwheels’ superior results are based on the dual force of our executive leadership and our members’ commitment to actively manage risk and to be involved with claims. Tarwheels is a collection of companies that are willing to bet on themselves.