BRISK combines decades of captive management experience with executive-level account servicing to help clients reduce loss costs and create stability in their insurance program. The Tarwheels Captive is an option for qualified buyers to gain greater control of their own insurance program, enjoy the benefits of partnering with similar trucking companies, and receive superior personal touch and attention to their account. BRISK is selective in building its captive membership and intentionally limits the captive size to maintain professional intimacy, effective communication and group fit.

Why Captive?

A captive is an insurance company that provides coverage to it's members who share in taking risk and buying reinsurance to limit their catastrophic exposure. By sharing risk with other well-managed trucking companies, the members reduce reinsurance costs and gain greater control. BRISK Insurance Company combines the benefits of a captive with the guidance of a risk management consultancy. Our close-knit captive formally meets twice a year in desirable locations to receive market education, risk management guidance, and to collectively make decisions related to the future of their insurance program.

Why Wait?

The Tarwheels Group Captive was designed by, and is marketed by Brisk Management Services.  BRISK works closely with applicants and their agents to assess fit and cost to join the captive. We remain actively involved in helping each member improve their risk management processes and to integrate best practices adopted by the Tarwheels group that can lead to lower loss costs. We work closely with the dedicated claims professionals involved in investigating and negotiating claims to ensure timely response and quick resolution of all reported incidents. Our unique unbundled structure creates greater accountability and responsiveness from all of our partners, leading to timely and less costly claims resolutions for our members.