Tarwheels Group Captive Coverages and Benefits



BRISK Insurance Company, Inc. (BIC) is an insurance company based in North Carolina. In partnership with The Hartford Insurance Company, BIC offers the trucking industry a group captive marketed under the name Tarwheels Group Captive.

  • $1,000,000 limits for AL,GL, APD.

  • Statutory WC limits

  • Value added risk management programs

  • A / B loss fund designed to reduce assessments due to shock losses

  • Lower fixed cost program structure

  • Unbundled claims management

  • Tools to help your management team develop and improve your safety culture

Captive Membership Benefits

Tarwheels members enjoy being part of a selective community with common interests and objectives, enabling each member to improve their operating practices and reduce loss costs through the associations formed within the captive structure.

  • Two management meetings per year

  • Annual Safety Summit for risk management professionals

  • LLLC Training in partnership with Avatar Fleet Services

  • Relationship-driven culture with frequent in-person visits from BRISK leadership

  • Ongoing communications and sharing of best practices to improve risk management and reduce loss costs